Donation Program

Existing license renewal donation

If you received an email notifying you that a donated license will be expiring soon you can fill in the License Renewal Only Donation form.

Enroll in XUP

Enroll in XUP to access donations and other XUP services.

In order to be eligible for the XUP, you must ensure:

  • That you are part of a research institution or university.
  • That you enroll with your academic email (personal emails will not be accepted).
  • That you are a staff member of the academic institution.

Enroll in XUP

Donation Program

Academic staff are invited to submit a donation request for Xilinx software licenses and Xilinx hardware. Any items provided via the XUP donation program can be used for non-commercial academic teaching and research only.
Professors or senior staff must submit the donation request on behalf of their university or research institute.

Donation request form

What you can expect?

We aim to respond to your application within 1 to 2 weeks. If you do not hear back from XUP you can contact contact us requesting the status of your application. Every effort will be made to grant your request. All requests are subject to review and approval. XUP reserves the right to limit donations and/or deny a request.

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