• パーツ番号: Crucible
  • ベンダー: Star Lab Corp.
  • Alliance Member


Star Lab’s Crucible product provides a trusted execution environment that addresses concerns unique to embedded and safety critical computing, including: secure boot, technology protection, deterministic performance, runtime integrity, and compatibility with common embedded system hardware and software. Crucible is designed for use in open and accessible computing environments, and operates as trusted supervisory software within the processor – configuring and controlling both hardware resources and software execution in order to ensure and maintain the integrity of system operations.


  • Layered encryption of executables, libraries, data files, and OFP images
  • Dynamic integrity-based key generation
  • Secure boot
  • Runtime isolation of sensitive applications, operating systems, virtual machines, and data files
  • Key management
  • Embedded virtualization based on Xen
  • Operating system hardening
  • At-rest encryption
  • Measured launch process of encrypted software loads
  • Remote monitoring and attestation