Megh Computing, Inc.

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    • Hillsboro, OR, US (Headquarters)


Megh Computing's accelerated platform for real time streaming analytics provides a high-performance and low-latency solution for capturing business intelligence from various data streams. The solution is scalable to support both on-premise, and cloud-based deployment. Our solution consists of Sira Accelerator Function Units (AFUs) for inline processing of streaming data and offload processing of compute intensive algorithms. These are managed by the Arka Runtime which exposes Accelerator Functions-as-a-Service via high level APIs for integration with the applications frameworks like Spark, TensorFlow, kdb+, with no changes.

Our first product is the Video Analytics Solution that is targeted for various use cases including fraud prevention in the retail supply chain, inventory tracking in manufacturing, and video surveillance for security. The Solution maps the entire real time analytics pipeline consisting of the ingestion phase of streaming data input, transformation phase of video decoding and image resizing and the inference phase of object detection and classification into the FPGA with integration into user's application. We are now developing solutions for Test Analytics for financial analytics, network analytics and other use cases.


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